Sample Lyrics

DunnTribute songs are as original as you are.  We ask all the right questions about the subject matter  - facts, anecdotes, your wishes – and weave them into a lyrical masterpiece.   Here are some excerpts from some of Dunn’s recent Tributes, and a bit about the honoree.  Keep in mind, lyrics are very anecdotal – but you’ll get the gist:  (We’ve left last names out to protect the innocent!)

Royal Bank 50th Birthday – (To the tune of Johnny Cash “A Boy Named Sue”)

Ol’ Andy was born in ’57,
Ma and Pa thought they were in heaven
When a little boy named Andrew made the scene.

Fifty years ago today,
That little boy was on his way,
Big-screen-buddy, long and lean.

Barbados is his Port-o-call,
But soon he’d move to Montreal
villes de St. Laurent, he’d come to know.

But after a while he’d throw in the wrench,
And leave those crazy Quebekker French
And off to the centre of the Universe, ol’ T.O.

He finished school in record time,
His mathematics marks sublime
Top of the class, our young Andrew would rank

But no rest in store for that young scholar,
Soon the working world would holler
And off he went to Leo’s Royal Bank…

State Farm Retiree Tribute (To the tune of Eagles “Take It Easy”)

Well he’s running down the road trying to loosin his load
Got retirement on his mind,
Many an occurrence, thinkin’ bout Insurance
“Oh it’s been a friend of mine.”

Take It Easy, Take It Easy
Don’t let the thought of all those years drive you crazy
Live it up while you still can,
For so long you’ve been State Farm’s man.
We are your biggest fans, so Take It Easy.

70th Birthday Tribute – Senior Partner Law Firm (Excerpt)

One day watching the game of the year, his tummy was yearnin for some wings and beer
So off he went like a starvin’, crazy man
But the weather out there he wasn’t knowin’, a blizzard why she was a blowin’
He wrecked a perfectly sweet Dodge Caravan.

In the ditch.
A ride he had to hitch.
There was no harm.
Just had to call State Farm.

Now I don’t mean to be a bug, but did you know Jim can cut a rug?
The ladies line the floor to have a chance…
The tango king he has arrived, waltz or boogie, the man can jive
Look out John Travolta, this man can dance!

Teacher “Suzy” Tribute (To the Tune of Smokin’ in the boys room)

Spoken: Did you ever seem to have one of those days
When everyone seemed to be on your case
From your teacher (who just happens to be my wife)
Right on down to your janitor (who just happens to be me)
Well, that used to happen to me all the time
But I found a new teacher whose gonna set the record straight.

Sung: Sittin’ in the classroom thinkin’ it’s a drag
Listening to the teacher rap–just ain’t my bag
When two bells ring you know it’s my cue
And then they introduce our new teacher Sue

She’s Mrs. Suzy Teacher
Mrs. Suzy Teacher
Teacher here’s an apple we really think you’re fine
We know you’d rather have a bottle of expensive wine.

Family Reunion Parody (to the tune of Oh Lord, It’s Hard to Be Humble)

Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Kuntzs, when you’re perfect in every way.
We can’t wait to finish your sentence, ‘cause you really have nothing to say.
To know us is to love us. We must be one hell of a clan.
Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Kuntzs, but we’re doin’ the best that we can.

First came Edna and Harold: nine children would be on their way.
If it weren’t for these two saintly souls, we would not be together today!
So let’s say a prayer for dear Edna, who’d never do anyone wrong,
This verse should rise up to heaven, as we sing for her, her favourite song.

First came Rita, the eldest, who gave us the Johnson clan,
From Earl right down to Laura, they populate half of the land.
Laverne is next on the roster, with the Snells who know how to have fun.
Just ask Mark- he knows the story, why he is the oldest grandson.

Now a family this big needs a chaplain: someone to keep them in line.
Sr. Marge does her best to control them, but the boys give her quite a time.
Ol’ Nelly ain’t feeling so well, but puttin’ up one heck of a fight,
He’s certainly with us in spirit, if he were here, I’m sure he’d want the mic!

Blanche, now she’s one in a million. Just ask the Tostengards why
She’ll tell you a poem about Sam McGee, while she ‘opens the other eye’!
Now ‘Jer the bear’ is a sweetheart, he’d never do anyone wrong,
From Skiing to ‘Jerry-oke’, his life’s been a multi-verse song. (nudge, nudge).

And Clair is with Jerry in BC, some say they’re better out there
Close to the mountains with Nelly, three sons who don’t have a care.
Now Mariann is my dear mother: I’m one of seven from her husband Steve.
And when it comes to a party, they’re always the last ones to leave.

And last but not least is Saint Joyce, one day she’d like to move home
But as long as Aidan has his way, she’ll be kissin’ the ol’ Blarney Stone!

And those, my friends, are the Kuntzs. They’re scattered for many a mile
From the bright shining lights of Vancouver, to the beloved Emerald Isle.
But they all came together for a reunion, in the year two thousand and two.
A Tyrolean show–heard throughout Ontario! And this is the song that they crooned:

Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Kuntzs, when you’re perfect in every way.
We can’t wait to finish your sentence, ‘cause you really have nothing to say.
To know us is to love us. We must be one hell of a clan.
Oh Lord It’s Hard To Be Kuntzs, but we’re doin’ the best that we can.