A little while ago, I performed a Tribute at “The Big Think” in St. Catherines Ontario, sponsored by  The Business Link and hosted by Red Chair Branding . Fantastic line-up of speakers included Mike LipkinCJ Calvert , Todd Krauss, Gerry Visca,Vittoria Wikston and Wendy Murdoch.  Here’s to all of the BIG THINKers out there!

First up, my tribute to the motivational speakers, followed by the sponsor tribute, and then a special ‘morning after’ video to Mike Lipkin.

Next, a DunnTribute to the sponsors…so many great businesses helped make the day a success!

Thanks sponsors! It was great meeting all of you.  Thanks too for letting me have some fun with your companies.

Now motivational speaker Mike Lipkin gave us lots to think about. I have mused his words of wisdom in this ‘morning after’ tribute to  ”Sir Michael Lipkin”.  (He hasn’t been knighted yet..the Queen is still ticked he moved to Canada.)

Thank you to everyone at Red Chair, especially Gerry Visca, Vittoria and Wendy for inviting me to the Big Think. It’s always a pleasure working with pros! Vittoria, you climb that mountain, girl!